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Ideal Weight Loss of Hingham

Laser therapy Chiropractic

Take advantage of a proven method that is the first to be approved by the FDA. This method helps you rid yourself of muscular aches and pains. Primarily used for neck and shoulder pains, this process is safe and does not create any heat; therefore, it is safe to use anywhere on your body except the eyes. However, you don’t have to wear goggles during the process. A majority of the clinics don't have the facilities for this therapy; visit Pure Health Chiropractic!

Dr. Seth uses the latest Erchonia Laser to help patients achieve new levels of pain relief

The Erchonia Laser is effective in helping people relieve their pain with its unique features. The cold laser reduces pain and inflammation, thus stimulating the mitochondria in the muscle; this triggers the healing process at the cellular level.

How does it work?

At Pure Health Chiropractic, we want you to live a pain-free life and achieve optimum health through proper diet. Let us counsel you on proper nutrition and help you find your ideal protein diet to lose weight safely and keep it off.

Nutrition coaching for overall health

Many pain sufferers find this solution more effective than traditional pain medication. Combined with chiropractic adjustment, the Erchonia (or cold) Lasers will help you lead a normal, active, and healthy lifestyle without debilitating pain.

Effective results

Alleviate Acute and Chronic Pain With Cold Laser Therapy